The Path of Rightness Elephant Candle Holder

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This 100% ceramic 'Path of Rightness' Elephant candle holder illuminates a zen atmosphere in any setting. Perfect for tantra meditations, yoga or for general Feng Shui to harmonize your environment.

This beautiful ivory colored candle holder is 7cm long, 5 cm high and perfect for any 3.5cm diameter candle. Illuminate your environment and create a zen atmosphere with multiple elephants or give as a gift to wish luck and blessings.

Available worldwide for a limited time only.

Please Note: Delivery will take 2-4 weeks.


"Received safely! Looks beautiful. Thank you so much! Came gift wrapped and everything the packaging is beautiful as is the elephant. Highly recommend!" - Katie, Charlotte NC


"Beautiful candle holder. Just like the description. Very solid item. Thanks guys!" - Sandra, Atlanta GA


"They arrived in perfect condition and look great! Amazing value for the price. Cheers" - Arie, Austin TX 


"The elephant is cute! And it feels very solid. Very good quality. I'm really digging it!" - Cathy, Cleveland OH