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The world's first glasses that you can adjust to give you crystal clear vision.

You paid so much for your eyeglasses. And it’s a total bummer when you break your glasses or your prescription changes between your annual eye care visits because replacement glasses are so expensive. Now there’s an affordable option with Perfect Vision™.

These fully adjustable eyeglasses let you match your prescription. They’re the perfect backup pair! Simply use the included eye chart to adjust each eye. Perfect Vision ™’s flexible frame fits all head sizes. Even if you accidentally drop them, the impact-resistant frames prevent breaking.


  • Matches your prescription for each eye
  • Power strength from 6D to +3D
  • Flexible frame fits all size heads
  • Impact-resistant lenses prevent breakage
  • Unisex design – perfect for men and women
  • Use as a backup pair of glasses
  • Not intended to replace current eyeglasses

How Does It Work?

The dials on both sides slide the independent lenses to increase the power. Adjust one eye by turning the dial until vision comes into focus and then adjust your other eye to match.


Two- wave-shaped polycarbonate plates slide across one another to the change the power of the lens.

Note: These glasses should only be used as a secondary option from optical specs prescribed by your optometrist 

UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these. Because of high demand, your order may take up to 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. So hurry and order now before it's all gone! 

We're thrilled to partner with DonorSee - an amazing charity that helps people in the world's poorest countries. Every month, a percentage of our profits go towards a good cause!
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