Vita Bottle™ 7 Day Pill & Vitamin Water Bottle 600ml


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Introducing the Pill & Vitamin Water Bottle, a great way to remain hydrated on the go while maintaining your medication or vitamin regime. Refresh your body and mind at a fraction of the cost of bottled water from a store while maintaining a steady supply of medication or vitamins and nutrients for wellbeing. It’s that simple! The Pill & Vitamin Water Bottle is a premium vessel.

When taking medicines at different times of day it can be quite confusing to remember exactly what you are meant to be doing. The problem is compounded when medical care becomes complicated and your prescription requires multiple tablets taken several times throughout the day. This is when things may go wrong, leading to skipped doses or accidental overdoses when the same medicine is taken twice. Obviously these mistakes lead to poor control of your medical condition and put you at risk of side effects.

It’s features include: 

• Ergonomic design for easy transport and use. 

• Removable pill and vitamin storage strip with seven compartments. 

• Pill compartment lids embossed in English, French and braille. 

• BPA-free tritan construction to resist impact and for longevity. 

• Generous 600ml size to keep you hydrated for longer. 

• Water tight cap to minimize the chance of spillage. 

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. Do not freeze, microwave, or use with hot liquids. Keep out of reach of small children especially when loaded with pills.



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