Kitchen Hand™ Rack Food Bag Holder


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Fill up zip-lock bags without spilling a single drop by using this hands-free food storage bag holder!

If part of your hibernation routine involves making big batches of sauces and soups to freeze for later, you're probably well-acquainted with the struggle of trying to get whatever you just made into wayward, floppy freezer bags. Even if you're a seasoned pro, you're bound to have some spillage.

Introducing the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed: Kitchen Hand™ Rack Food Bag Holder.

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Made to force plastic bags to stand upright for easy filling, this rack has a rubber base to ensure a tight seal on your counter while in use, and clips to hold the bag in place. Also, use as a baggy dryer to reuse sandwich bags. Adjustable arms to accommodate most sizes of bags.

When you have finished filling your bags, this sturdy stand folds neatly down for convenient and compact storage, ideal if you have a busy kitchen. Whether for soup, stews, casseroles, berries or dried goods to be stored away in a cupboard, this bag holder makes the task so much cleaner and easier.

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    • Allows hands-free convenience for filling up baggies with foods
    • Fasten bag under clips and fill
    • Adjustable arms with non-slip rubber base
    • Holds various bag heights and sizes
    • Easy to use, folds flat for easy storage


      • Material: Plastic
      • Size: 11*21cm


      • 1 x Baggy Rack Food Bag Holder

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