Keyboard Magic Cleaner Gel<p><b>50% OFF TODAY ONLY</b>
Keyboard Magic Cleaner Gel<p><b>50% OFF TODAY ONLY</b>
Keyboard Magic Cleaner Gel<p><b>50% OFF TODAY ONLY</b>

Keyboard Magic Cleaner Gel


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    Do you know that your keyboard might harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat? As for my keyboard, it harbors eyelashes, micro-protein snacks, miniature dust balls and sometimes, teeny-tiny stickers or rhinestones—thanks to my 3-year old twins who like to bang away at the keys when I’m not looking. The Keyboard Magic Cleaner Gel is a must-have keyboard cleaner in every house. It is a gel you would press unto the notches between keyboards which would lift all the teeny-weeny bits stuck into it.

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    • Non-Toxic & Safe- A must & useful keyboard cleaner for your healthy life and family. 100% environmentally & safe material, the biodegradable keyboard cleaner gel is non-toxic, with a proven disinfecting action. No harm to human body.
    • Efficient Decontamination & Non Residue- Effective in removing 99.9% of harmful particles: dust, hair, dirt and crumb from cracks and crevices on electronics and mechanical devices. It won't break apart or leave behind any type of residue, keeps your hands clean.
    • Multi-Functional Applications- Great use for computer keyboard, laptop keyboard, phone key pad, TV remote, video game console, speaker grill, fan grill, air condition vent, car air vent, automobile dashboard, window sill and more.
    • Easy Use and Safe Storage- Knead the gel for several times before use. Lay the gel on any surface that you want to clean, press it down two to three times and then lift it up. Comes in an air-tight, zippered bag for safety & within a small 2L container box. Can be used many times until the cleaning compound turns into nontransparent color.

    UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order before it's all gone!

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