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Your one-step way to soothe achy feet and fight foot problems!

Nowadays, shoes are designed for fashion instead of function. There was a time when shoes with a pointy toe box with high heels were famous. People often consider stylish shoes instead of considering comfort. Unfortunately, the pointy designs and high heels are designed without regard to the original shape of your feet. The unusual shape and design of footwear can deform your feet and change your natural posture. It can increase the pain of your feet and various alignment issues. Fortunately, you can use this Gel Toe Stretcher Separator to rectify the natural alignment of your feet.

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This Toe Separator is effective in keeping your tendons and ligaments around the joints loose and more limber. Made from BPA-free, medical-grade gel with a ladder-like structure that stretches all your toes simultaneously. It can easily fit beneath and between toes and gently spread them apart and away from your feet balls and provide more benefit than barefoot walking. By improving feet and toes, this Gel Toe Stretcher Separator can bring better posture and balance to the whole body.


  • Supports bent-under toes
  • Fixes and separates toes, improves toe deformity
  • Avoids toes squeezing each other, making good alignment for toes
  • Ease the pressure and friction of Ball-of-foot part
  • Relieving pressure and friction for toes
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Keeps your foot flexible
  • Can be worn during the day, or night
  • Instantly reduce your bunion and hammer toe discomfort
  • Can be applied to moderate bunions to counteract and avoid big toe mal-positioning


    • Color: Blue.
    • Size: S / M / L. 
    • Weight: 42 / 55 / 90g.

    Package Include:

    • 1 Pair x Toe Stretcher & Separator

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