Cheese Raclette Grill


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Douse Every Meal In A Hot Layer Of Bubbling Cheese With This Amazing Pan!

Discover a fun and delicious raclette with this portable grill. Transform your favorite cheese into melty magnificence in less than 40 seconds with the heat of three tea lights. The tray and heating base folds up for compact storage and picnic portability. It also features a perforated pattern for a touch of whimsy.

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Built from sturdy metal and it comes with a rectangular plate that doubles as a serving tray.

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  • A fun way to melt cheese
  • Heated by a candle - no lighter fluid, no cords
  • Non-stick grill plate for easy cleaning
  • Foldable and easy to use
  • Great for buffets and parties


Tip up the metal sides of the frame and put the three tea-warmers inside. Fold out the Roaster and place it on the frame. Your Cheese Roaster is now ready for use.

How To Use:

Make sure that the whole device remains stable and stands on a fireproof surface! Clean the Roaster prior to first use.

Light the wax lights, put a slice of cheese on the roaster, place it on the frame and you will have delightful molten cheese in no time. You can use the spatula to easily push the cheese of the roaster.

TIP The Cheese Raclette Grill can also be used on the barbecue.

UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these. Because of high demand, your order may take up to 2 - 4 weeks to arrive. So hurry and order now before it's all gone! 

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